Community Engagement


We have begun to screen work-in-progress versions of GREEN STREETS at local venues such as neighborhood centers, environmental film festivals, African-American cultural centers, community centers, public library neighborhood branches and public housing sites. These screenings are designed to create conversation between people interested in reducing inner-city waste and/or combating inner-city joblessness.

In the near future, some versions of the film will be disseminated online, in tandem with outreach to media outlets and bloggers, and we will continue editing and revising the documentary in response to feedback from the audience as the story of Green Streets continues to unfold.

The GREEN STREETS documentary and public engagement campaign shows how resourceful young entrepreneurs are incentivizing their community to reduce waste. By figuring out how their community can recycle and compost, they’re breaking a cycle of violence, incarceration, joblessness, and recidivism that is common in distressed inner cities. By harnessing social ties among families that have lived side by side for generations, they’re reducing public housing waste by more than 50%, and they’re creating jobs.

We aim to 1) further the movement to adopt waste-reduction guidelines in American cities; 2) promote awareness about how green entrepreneurial approaches to joblessness can take root in inner cities; and 3) facilitate productive discussion among disparate stakeholders in environmental conservation, affordable housing and workforce development.


Please [contact] us to find out how you can get involved.


Watch Tyrone Mullins of Green Streets and Sophie Constantinou of Citizen Film discuss the film on Bay Area Focus.